Who We Are?

Our Mission

Nerdyology is a charity organization aiming to help families and communities both international and domestic.
We provide several services and opportunities for those in need.

Here at Nerdyology we believe that education is the primary source to help any person young or old stay on track throughout their entire life. Teaching people while they are still adolescent is key to grow their wisdom and knowledge and turn it into a powerful tool. Help us help them so we can make the world smarter!



Hagop Ouzounian

Hagop (a.k.a. Jack) dedicated his life to others by first serving 30+ in the military then, he started his own electronic company (AYCH Electronics). He prides himself and his company on the ability to help others in any way possible. He provides affordable service for every class’s budget! He then established Nerdyology to help others even further. He took Nerdyology internationally with plans to expand in other countries! 

Helping Those Abroad

For the past 6 years we are and have been doing the following to help the people of Burundi, Africa:
• helping build schools
• provide supplies
• provide computers and technology
• donate capital to help the school continue to run properly

By doing so we are able to give the children there a chance to better themselves through knowledge. 

Helping Those In our community

Domestically we help families that are in need with several needs and opportunities including but not limited to:
• Jobs (for the young and/or struggling)
• Technology
• education,
• Necessities for daily life ex: Washing Machine, Dryers, clothing, housing, etc.…
Nothing is too far out of reach for us with your help!

Extraordinary Experience

We continue to give back in many ways. Some of these ways are:

Providing our knowledge and experience in countries such as:

Our Core Values